Fiber supplements, the way to improve colon health

If you’re not getting enough fiber in your diet you may want to consider taking fiber supplements. The benefits of taking fiber supplements include reducing cholesterol level, risk of heart disease, reduces constipation, colon cancer & hemorrhoids.

So what exactly is fiber? It is the indigestible parts of plant foods such as stems and leaves, coverings of seeds and fruits. This is the part that helps with elimination of foods through bowel movements. It cleans out the toxins and mucous from the G.I. tract that result from food metabolization. Fiber speeds up bowel transit time (time it takes to eliminate waste which should be 12 to 18 hours) therefore preventing food from putrefying (rotting) in your system. Taking fiber also takes a burden off your liver as it gets rid of toxins instead of the liver working to do it.

There are two kinds of fiber. Soluble which dissolves in water and insoluble fiber that does not dissolve in water. Where soluble fiber will pass through the digestive tract and change from bacteria in it insoluble fiber will pass through the body unchanged.

Soluble fiber is in the insides of fruits. This increases stool volume and gives it a slippery and soft quality. It also slows stool emptying time therefore stabilizing the rate at which you absorb food sugars. Insoluble is the skins this makes your stools bigger and therefore cleaning your intestinal tract.

Fiber is essential in our diet and most adults do not get enough of it. Adults should be getting 20 to 35 grams of fiber per day however most people get 12-18 grams a day. This is probably due to the fact that North Americans do not get enough fruits and vegetables in their diet, whole grains and consume a lot processed foods. Ailments like constipation, digestive problems become common and if you are not getting required fiber amounts on a daily basis then think about including a fiber supplement in your diet. Remember to keep soluble and insoluble fiber in balance. When taking a fiber supplement be sure to take it with plenty of water.

The high fiber rich foods include legumes (lentils, peas, and beans), wheat bran, prunes, Asian pear and Quinoa. Raspberry and blackberry are high fiber foods with about 8 grams per serving.Other good sources include flax seeds, Acai berry is now coming up to be on the high fiber food along with Salba.

Here are a list of other fiber rich foods listed soluble vs insoluble.


peas, soybeans and beans

oats, rye, & barleyfruits, especially prune juice, plums, bananas, apples & pearsvegetables mainly broccoli, carrots,

root vegetables, potatoes, sweet potatoes,

psyllium seed husk


Whole grain foods

wheat and corn bran

nuts and seeds

potato skins

flax seeds


green beans, cauliflower, and zucchini

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