Get All The Vitamin Information You Need For Optimal Health

This page will give you vitamin information & how vitamin supplements can help you achieve optimal health.

Vitamins help the body sustain itself. Some other benefits of vitamins include

Enhancing body health

Keeping skin beautiful and firm by providing anti-oxidants (free radical scavengers that can cause premature aging and cell degeneration). The benefits of vitamin e for example include smooth skin due to its anti oxidant content.

Cardiovascular health that comes from vitamin rich in anti oxidant

Enhances other nutrients like omega 3s oils

Enhances blood health with the formation of blood cells, prevention of clots & regulating blood pressure

Good for bone health

You can get vitamins from fruits and vegetables however most vitamins are depleted due to pesticides. In North American / Western society it can be challenging to get the right amount of vitamins and minerals because we do not eat enough fruits and vegetables & we’re always tempted by refined and processed foods like burgers and fries and sweets like cookies and pastries. I don’t know about you but pastries are my weakness and if I had to choose between an éclair and an apple, I would choose the former!

When buying natural vitamin supplements, make sure that it comes from a natural vitamin source. I would suggest buying them at a health food store or from a brand that uses a natural source for their products.

Explore each vitamin in detail on this site. If you feel you’re not getting enough fruits and veggies consider taking vitamin supplements.

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