What Are Probiotics Anyway?

So what are probiotics? That’s what I asked when I heard a friend talk about. I learned that probiotics are living organism also know as friendly bacteria for your colon. It fights bad bacteria such as candida and other intestinal parisites. Probiotics are recommended when taking anti biotics to fight bad bacteria (which you should avoid if possible) which depletes the body’s gastrointestinal microflora.

It's good to take when you are under a lot of stress or traveling to help the alteration of micro flora in the gut. You can find this friendly bacteria in yogurt and kefir. If you do a bowel cleanse (which you should once a year) it is important to take probiotics in order to avoid candida overgrowth and establish a well balanced PH in the intestines.

Improve the power of this friendly bacteria by eating foods that makes them flourish. This includes fibre rich foods or supplements, and foods with inulin like artichokes, asparagus, onions, garlic, and leeks.

The health benefits of probiotics include a better gastrointestinal tract, maintain the chemical ph balance of the digestive system, helps to assimilate nutrients, and eliminate toxins, and much more.

There are several strains of friendly bacteria in your colon. The one that remain in your G.I. track the longest is acidophilus, lacto bifidus and streptococcus. Acidophilus does not live in the colon very long, so you continually re implant them. Lacto bifidus and stretococcus lives longer therefore does not have to be re implanted often

The best probiotics are the ones that have plenty of lacto-bifidus, if it has the other strains it's fine just make sure it has more of this friendly bacteria.

Take them according to the directions. Don't forget to feed them with inulin rich foods.

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