Ginseng Root For Mental & Physical Energy

Ginseng root grows in the Northern Hemisphere in eastern Asia (mostly northern China, Korea, and eastern Siberia), typically in cooler climates. The English word ginseng derives from the Chinese term rénshēn meaning "man root" because the root is a forked shape, looking like a man. It’s found in popular energy drinks.

It is known in Asia as a revitalizer for body. This is partly due to the shape of the root, which resembles the human body.Ginseng is known as an adaptogen, which means it increases resistance to physical, chemical, and biological stress and builds energy and vitality.

Benefits of ginseng include increasing energy, fighting fatigue and increasing concentration. It’s only effective however when you are feeling tired and sluggish. If you’re already peppy and energetic then skip the ginseng.

Ginseng is known to be an Aphrodisiac as it helps increase libido.

Other ginseng benefits:

Reduces Blood Sugar

Improves Immunity

Relieves Hypertension

Can be found in tea, ginseng royal jelly, & in energy drinks.

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