Oat Straw, More Than Just Cereal

Oat Straw also known as Avena which means nourishing does just that. We have been eating it since pre historic times. The plant was used in India to help with addictions from opium, morphine and cigarette. It is very good for the nervous system and has been used to help with physical and emotional fatigue, mild insomnia.

Oat extract is also used to ease depression and anxiety, help with sugar imbalance & good for building bones, skin, hair and nails. Oat supplements contain silica which helps to strengthen nails. Because of it’s effect of the nervous system it’s very to take when you’re under a lot of stress.

The silicon in oat is especially for skin conditions through external applications. Oat extract is often used as a bath herb to soften skin and help with eczema and neuralgia. The husks have been used historically to stuff pillows and bedding, which is said to have a sedative effect and help for those with rheumatism. Oats have also been used for cooking and food. The Oat grain from the ripened seed is high in protein and helps to increase stamina; the Oat bran (fiber) has been shown to lower cholesterol levels.

Go ahead and stock up on this amazing grain!

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